Exercises To Prevent ACL Injury Female

When it comes to sports, especially for females, injuries are inevitable. Females tend to suffer more from knee and hip injuries than men. The most common injuries among women are ACL injuries, which are caused by twisting and jumping. While the ACL is the ligament that stabilizes the knee joint, it is often injured during sports activities.

ACL injuries are very painful and require long recovery times. In addition, they also leave scars on the knees that will cause joint pain. However, women can prevent these injuries by performing certain exercises that are designed to strengthen the muscles around the knee and hips. These exercises also increase the strength of the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups, which are vital for preventing injuries.

In this guide, I have uncovered detailed reviews of the best exercises for preventing ACL injury in females that will help you to improve your knee and hip strength and prevent the occurrence of this debilitating injury.

How ACL Injuries Happen

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common knee injuries. They are commonly caused when a player lands awkwardly on their knee, or through a forceful movement like a jump. The ACL stabilizes the knee joint by acting as a shock absorber and helping to prevent the knee from hyperextending. It is also important in maintaining a natural range of motion in the knee.

When you tear your ACL, the ligament no longer functions to protect the knee. This can lead to severe damage and cause severe pain if it is not repaired quickly

5 ACL Injury Prevention Exercises For Female

Most female runners are facing problems while running on the road, but don’t worry, I will share with you some effective ACL injury prevention exercises.

1. Wall slide

Wall slides are very effective for runners to prevent ACL injuries. You need to start your exercises from your ankle. You will need a wall, a towel, and some rubber bands.

Start sliding the towel on the wall, then slowly increase the speed and try to slide on the wall for 30 seconds.

2. Running up and down the stairs

This is another effective exercise that you can try. You will need two stairs and a towel. Start running up and down the stairs, don’t forget to use the towel between the stairs.

3. Sliding

Sliding is also a great way to prevent ACL injuries. You will need a wall, a towel, and some rubber bands. Start sliding the towel on the wall and then slide it quickly for 20 seconds.

4. Plank

You will need a towel, two chairs, two books, and a ball. Stand on the towel, put the balls under your feet, then place your hands on the chairs.

5. Lateral hopping

You will need a towel, a chair, and two books. Stand on the towel, then put the books on the chair and stand on the towel again.


There are some great exercises for ACL prevention for women. In fact, most of these are designed specifically for women. I have included a couple of exercises like Wall slide, plank, Lateral hopping, and Running up and down the stairs. The best thing you can do to avoid ACL injury is to focus on proper form.

Including proper form is critical for preventing ACL injuries. So you have to start off with the right kind of exercise. It’s also important to warm up before starting a new exercise. When you warm up, you reduce the risk of ACL injury and increase your strength.

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