Which Professionals Should You See For Your Weight Loss Journey?

Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you’re doing the whole process on your own. A review regarding the ‘Effectiveness of Weight Management Interventions revealed that people who worked closely with healthcare professionals and non-medical practitioners experienced higher weight and waist circumference reductions. The study showed that people should undergo at least twelve sessions of professional intervention to achieve more significant weight loss results.

But now that there are plenty of weight loss experts, it can be quite confusing for people to identify which professional to consult. You can simplify your decision-making process by choosing one or more of these professionals:

Personal trainer

Though plenty of workouts are available online, you can get a more fit and strong body by working with a personal trainer. These professionals can design and supervise workout plans to ensure that you can lose weight safely and effectively.

Working with a personal trainer can be beneficial because they can cater to your personal requirements and develop a fitness plan that suits your needs as well as your preferences. Many personal trainers are also good at educating their clients, which will be helpful as they help you learn new moves and improve your form. These professionals also serve as your accountability partner in your exercise program, helping you become more motivated to attend the gym regularly.


Many people gain excess weight due to unhealthy eating habits. So if you want to put a stop to your bad dietary practices, it’s critical to consult a dietitian.

Keri Glassman, a celebrity nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition from New York University, explains that registered dietitians are qualified to counsel people on nutrition, behavioral, and lifestyle changes through medical nutrition therapy. This kind of therapy can help people manage eating disorders, yo-yo dieting tendencies, or even emotion-driven habits like stress eating. By working with these professionals, you can positively change your relationship with food and learn how to eat in a healthier manner.

Remote nurse practitioner

You must work closely with medical professionals to lose weight safely if you have chronic conditions and comorbidities. Unfortunately, it takes patients an average of 26 days to schedule appointments in physician offices in metropolitan areas like Seattle and Los Angeles. Due to the physician shortage in Washington and California, patients must wait a long time before getting medical instructions from their providers.

As such, plenty of nurse practitioners are filling in the gaps of the ongoing physician shortage. In fact, remote nurse practitioners in Washington and California can work to provide medical advice and treatments through telehealth platforms. Working with these remote nurse practitioners is more accessible and affordable because you won’t have to leave your home and commute to get nutrition advice and movement plans suited to your health needs.


People with a BMI of 40 or higher can consider consulting a surgeon for weight loss surgery. Though this may seem like an extreme option, it can help relieve weight-related problems like severe sleep apnea.

Our article entitled ‘What is Weight Loss Surgery Best for Me?’ shows that people can undergo gastric bypass surgery to restrict their stomach’s food intake. Another common weight loss surgery is sleeve gastrectomy, which can limit your body’s ability to intake food and absorb calories. By discussing these options with a surgeon, you can figure out the safest and most effective option.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a weight loss journey. By working with these professionals, you can enjoy programs that are tailored to your unique health needs.

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